Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I finished all of my christmas gifts. Gotta say...thick n quick yarn makes for super fast gifts. I had used it for one gift but had enough extra to make another gift as I had no idea what to get this other person. The project for both were finished a day each (consider my kid never lets me plow straight through a project in one sitting).

So I finished it all and boxed everything up and mailed everything off. Yesterday was the last day for normal postage so I sucked it up and waited in the epic line at the base post office. Mannix couldn't stand it and fell asleep while waiting and then slept the whole walk home.

We were informed we will get the house a week earlier than we thought. So the 31st we should be getting the keys. Which means I should probably start packing very soon. We plan on snagging some boxes from a husbands co-worker this weekend and then getting started. I really don't think it will take to long to pack. Especially since we're just moving blocks away we don't need to be to specific in our packing style. Just as long nothing breaks.

That time can't come soon enough.

Today I plan on making Some cookies to bring to the fire department on base. Just a thanks for doing what they do.

I also plan to start packing some stuff. Pretty much just the stuff in our closets we don't use regularly. That is...if kiddo lets me...

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fear unending

The Eggplant Brownies?

Very very rich. Normally sweets don't stand a chance in our home but so far we are only nearing halfway done with this thing. All the cocoa and dark chocolate makes it way to overpowering. I assume if your a chocolate lover maybe you will have different opinions. If I were to ever make this again I will try milk chocolate or one on the lower % side of dark. I use 60% cacao chips.
The recipe: http://peachesanddonuts.blogspot.com/2011/08/aubergine-in-brownie.html

And the conversions I came up with:
1 Large Eggplant
10oz Dark Chocolate
3Tablespoon Cocoa Powder
4 Tablespoon Ground Almonds (Bob’s Redmill makes a Almond Meal if you don’t want to make it yourself otherwise I heard if u have Trader Joe near you they also carry almond meal)
3 Eggs
3/4C or 7oz Honey
2 teaspoons Baking Powder 
1/4 teaspoon Salt. 

In other news, Guess what Chuck? We ....are.....moving! That is correct. We are moving to a new house on base. The circumstances aren't how I wanted it to happen but we will have about 500 square feet extra between 2 stories plus a garage. We move in 4 weeks. That 4 weeks though I will continue to have paranoia and fear though. 

The reason we are moving? Gas. Gas leaks to be exact. After discovering the leak outside (maintenance found 2 spots leaking) the guys came to do a blah job of repairing it. Basically they tightening the fittings and threw a little goop around some of the fittings. Yesterday I was letting the dog out and got another whiff of gas. At this point I was thinking it was the water heater as our vent for it is near our patio door too..i mean come on they just fixed the piping and I told the guy to check over everything to be sure the leaks were all found and fixed. I figured it couldn't possibly be the piping again. But when I went in the shed I didn't get the smell from there. So I went back to the piping and sprayed it all again with the soap water. Sure enough, A new spot was leaking and worse than the last 2. It bubbled big and fast. So I called  maintenance and made another call to the Fire Department. 

This time around base wasn't happy. The Fire crew showed up followed by both Fire Chiefs. When the Chiefs showed up I pretty much broke down. After 3 gas leaks it was really starting to hit me because gas is no joke. I cried like a baby. They told me they were here because this is our 3rd incident (and 6th in this housing area recently) and they want to know why this keeps happening. They also brought out base officials and such. Not to mention when they checked my piping (the previous fix was beginning to leak again too!!) they also checked my neighbors and his was leaking in multiple spots as well. Woah Batman! So needless to say the repair was done a bit better this time around. FD went to speak with our housing company and Rob went shortly after emphasizing we are moving either way and they can offer us a different house on base or lose us. In the end, we were offered a new house. An all electric one I may add. 

This gas business has got me soooo paranoid. Last night a neighbor down the road messaged me to inform me she called finally for the gas she kept smelling out back. They found there was a leak underground from her neighbors house. They said they fixed it. I am so nervous having to wait this place out 4 more weeks. I'm praying they go fast and we see no more issues arise. I want to be confident that we are ok but I don't feel safe in this house anymore. I want my son to be safe and I don't feel it here. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Today's agenda

Wanna know how I get time to myself on the computer? I'll admit it...my kid play's with electronics.

Yup. I'm the mom that crunchy mom's probably hate. I'm filling my kids brain with gray matter, according to parenting articles. Same as the days the TV is on all the time. Oh wait, that's every day. But you know what? My kids getting pretty damn good at navigating and playing games. He gets the Wii U console when I really need time to focus...getting caught up on super behind laundry or when he's not interested in helping me vacuum. Really he only gets the Wii U twice a week at most. We usually have a designated weekend day that he can play for a bit while Rob play's his games and I'm out on a bike ride. The kid loves it. I try to keep a good balance with lots of book reading and normal toy time as well as outside exploring and park time. A mom's gotta do what mom's gotta do to suite her life. We can't all be robots with our children and conform to some strict standard that keeps our kids in a bubble.

In the beginning, I used to read and analyze and try to do all things that magazines and articles claimed was best for my kid. In an effort to gain some sanity and simplify my life I allow my son to do things that allows me some breathers moments in the day. Electronic time. And you know...it really does revive me and help me keep my sanity.

One of the holiday gifts i'm working on. Kid hats with fleece lining. I'm getting pretty decent at crochet. Though I feel my construction of these sort of pieces needs more work but what will kids know? 

Today's agenda...if I get to it....is attempting to keep the chaos from erupting more. With multiple projects nearing an end I need to get that closet back to a sane zone. There are probably some things I could start thinning out in there. I find since i started thinning out the house almost a year ago now that I am a much happier person. I am also quick to get rid of things if I find no reason that it is in my house anymore. Mannixs clothes and toys get thinned regularly (as well as my clothes if I bring anything new in....i'm obsessed with goodwill and am quick to replace worn clothes or one's I don't wear regularly), I finally took matters into my own hands in the Mr.'s closet and tossed all the cords and crap that was in there. There is actually floor space now! We are still working on finding where to send the old game consoles that don't work anymore. But I figured we didn't collect it all in one day it won't be gone all in one day. It's a slow process with the Mr.'s stuff and something we can worry about in the new year. But my house had made lots of progress the last year and i'm pretty good about keeping up with it to avoid the overabundance of crap we used to have.

And at some point I need to find an easy dinner that contains egg plant. The Market On the Move produce salvage has been taken over by a new company. Actually the people that donated the produce chose a different organization to go with. Either way, I have finally started attending these pick ups occasionally. This week was a shit ton of jalapenos and eggplant. I made eggplant chili the other day and plan to try an eggplant brownie recipe. I've decided to give some away to a friend. I simply can't use that many eggplants before they go bad. I don't have the time to make sauces right now. (there are eggplant pasta sauce recipes out there). The yellow squash will be a baked dish. This recipe to be exact.... http://www.food.com/recipe/aunt-fannys-baked-yellow-squash-195147 I made it last time when the batch was mostly yellow squash. Mannix won't eat yellow squash roasted or diced or anything so this was perfect and it tasted awesome. Rob loved it.

Alrighty, now it's time to get that balance act on and take kiddo to the park for fresh air and burn some energy.

Monday, December 8, 2014

A little Revived

Life is chaotic, Unless you live in a shack in the woods.

I've decided since I feel I have some sanity back that perhaps I could get back to blogging a bit.

A little TMI but i've been on the side of crazy as i'm trying to find a birth control that doesn't make me so. As of the last month I think i've finally found one. Knock on wood that this one continues to suite my body.

Life as a mom is naturally stressfull at times. Just gotta get off my chest the things that have driven me crazy since I last blogged.

1. The Gas leak. This has made me paranoid the most and I am begging my husband to hurry up in his decision to find a new place to live. I was putting laundry away in the kitchen when I got a whiff of rotten egg. I followed the smell and my heart dropped. It was from behind the stove and I hadn't used the stove all day. I debated with the hubs what I should do. I waited it out a few hours then called maintenance who instructed me to call the fire department. Little did I know they would come whizzing down the road with sirens. Great....draw all the neighbors attention. They found nothing but after maintenance got here and inspected they found a small one from one of the fixture joints and eventually fixed it. In the end we got a new stove out of it too because our's was ancient. That, however, has not made me feel comfortable in my kitchen.

2. Gas leak in the field by our house. This happened last week. I remember getting big whiffs of that rotten egg smell when i'd ride down the road on my bike in the mornings. I chalked it up to everyone running their heaters at night as of recently. A few days later I peaked out the window at flashing lights and cops blocking off our road. Just as Hubs got home from work (he had to park down the road) we were being told to evacuate because they found a large amount of gas accumulated in the air in the field across from our house. They couldn't find the leak yet. A few hours later they claimed to have found it and let us come home stating gas was turned off. That morning crews worked all day to replace underground piping.

3. More gas...since we started running the heater at night I smell some gross rotten egg smells coming from our shed where our water heater is and apparently where the gas for our house heater originates. I wake up in the morning to gas smell in our backyard after running the heater in the night. It goes away once I turn the heater off but it's not enough concern to the Mr. yet for him to allow me to call in about it. We are both avoiding the fire department coming to our house for a 3rd time making a scene (the 1st was when mannix fell and got a big gash in his head and I panicked). I may eventually all maintenance soon though because I just don't think this smell is normal and I worry about a fire.

4. Water leak. They redid our patio roof after it got pretty damaged by that epic monsoon storm a few months ago. Well they did a sheisty repair and the next big rain resulted in a big water leak in our bedroom. That got fixed over a week and they redid the roofing. They apparently forgot to lay the waterproof layer by a section of the roof. Yay to our housing company for hiring a shitty contractor.

5. Rob made rank recently and I figured i'd try talking to our housing company about upgrading to a newer nicer home. Especially since new young airman without kids have been getting the shit. We were turned down and told we had to move off-base and reapply for housing or wait until my husband makes one more rank which would put him in the field for Senior Officer housing. That's another 2-3yrs away. So we have been discussing moving off-base. These homes are going bad. They are refusing to tear them down. They've had massive roof leaks continuously, gas leaks, electrical fires from faulty wiring and the list goes on. They insist these things are normal and only quick fixes are being done. For our money we have decided we can get something better and newer. I am urging the hubs to consider moving in the beginning of the new year but i'm not sure he's game, he seems to be procrastinating the idea. I will hate to move again but I will feel better in a home that isn't falling apart, I fear most for Mannix.

That's pretty much the highlights in my anxiety these days. Other than those ticking time bombs everything else is currently peachy. Mannix still doesn't sleep well at night though and i'm up by 4am most days because my little Rock Star is chipper and ready for the day. Gone are the days when i'd be up till 10 or 11 crocheting/knitting in bed lol. I'm usually passed out shortly after I wake up from putting him to bed.

 Oh did I mention I started a bad habit? When we transitioned him to the big boy bed I laid next to his bed till he fell asleep to help him feel comfortable with his new bed. Well it turned into this big epic deal if I tried to put him down without laying next to him after that. So for almost half a year now I lay next to him till he falls asleep. I pretty always fall asleep in the process so I set up the camping mat and a pillow and blanket. I made my own little bed. When he wakes up in the night in the camp out bed I go till he passes back out. I'm hoping soon we'll be able to wean him of this routine. But I have a feeling it won't happen till he can talk better and we can communicate the situation better. This is a constant reminder why i'm glad I don't work right now.

I've gotten back into cycling again. So far i've been consistent but all it takes a good craft project to completely side track so we will see how long this lasts. I am, however, finally riding off base. I'm getting comfortable riding in some traffic. I get flustered at times if I need to cross a 3 lane road to get a turn lane Or cross a busy street without traffic lights. Riding around town also offers terrain variations. So far i'm only upto 25 miles but hopefully starting next month I can work to longer one's. This month, however, Rob is focused on riding everyday which pretty much doesn't allow me to ride during the week.

Mannix is getting such the personality and I will share that as the blogging gets going again i'm sure. He enjoyed halloween this year and is so far enjoying christmas. He doesn't fully understand that he can't have the advent chocolates multiple times a day and want's to eat the chocolates form his stocking constantly. As i'm typing he brought a big blanket from the couch up to me and wants to play 'hide'. Ahh the young years are sure interesting.

All my photo's are in complete dissaray on my laptop. This next year i need to either upload them to some cloud storage and organize them or put them on a disk. I also need to transfer from an old disk to a new one because it's starting to go on the fritz and I don't want to lose pictures. I need to start making photo albums for Mannix. I haven't printed pictures since he's been born so i'm very behind.

As far as crafting, I've made a lot for christmas. I'll post once they've all been opened.  Next year I may take a break and do simple purchased gifts.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The End.

After a short break I have come to the conclusion i'm done blogging. My life is not in a place I have the time or care to blog anymore. When I do it's rants about useless petty things in my life and it makes me look bad. I'm not sure if I will ever be the blogger I was when I started this thing in 2008. To much has happened in life and I have a toddler that keeps me busy and i'm not one of those fancy mom bloggers that can do it all (pinterest fancy, cook gourmet meals, create fancy things for my viewers to oggle over).

 I do not have viewers which is a clear cut sign that things in the hole. I wasn't looking for an epic audience but I figured aside from using this as a place to share my little journeys and odds and ends that some would flock to it with interest or in relation but they haven't and it has turned into a venting spot for my gloom  or self pitying days.

So, it's time to stop being a whiny mommy and get off this thing once and for all and tend to my life and the area's that need some attention (my mentality, my child, my husband) and just over all growing into the new person I am since having a child and losing a parent.

Best of luck to any readers out there that do happen to follow.

Ps I cut the shit out of my hair. Yes i'm starting to delve into things that i've been afraid of doing.  One being I was always afraid to cut my hair short. Toodles and happy blogging!

Monday, August 11, 2014

11 Aug

Lives change. Sometimes there are to many events that happen and it can't be avoided. I have been battling on and off for a while now with prospect of letting go of my best friend. Honestly, we aren't best friends anymore. Far from it. I know nothing about her life and while she may think she's know mine she doesn't. She has made it clear, i'm assuming unintentionally, that she has moved on and perhaps wants to let go.

Since her abortion her friendship towards me has gone to complete trash once I got pregnant. This has made me feel guilty since her mother informed me how jealous she was of my life. We shouldn't be jealous of each other! That was a very personal choice for her and she fed into other's and let them make the decision for her and it's a decision she has regretted deeply. I can't be blamed for that because I had a child of my own. All lives pan out differently, we can't be the same. Maybe if I our lives were reversed my views may be different but they aren't and I have to accept how things are the way they are. I shouldn't feel guilty for the life I have. I have a wonder life (aside from my whack moods! lol). No life is perfect so of course there will be tough times to get through but generally things are great.

She has come down on me in the past for never being there for her. But recently i've looked back and she has made it to difficult to impossible for me to be there. The last few months she's had 3 or 4 number changes and has never come to me to tell me about them. So i'm left hanging constantly calling and texting with no response. Her mother steps in randomly to inform me of the latest with her and thats usually when I find out the numbers have changed. I get a few words once responding to the new number and then nothing again. She doesn't want me there. She clearly doesn't feel comfortable with me anymore. lAnd her life and life choices boggle my mind. We think differently and have extremely different views. That has made it difficult for me to relate and I find myself thinking she keeps making aweful choices. Friends shouldn't judge each other but come on, even the closest of friends have their unspoken view's of each other sometimes. Even if you don't blurt them out to anybody we all have opinions.

I truly hope her life gets better for her. But if she continues on with the same choices over and over her life will never change. I've grown and i've changed and you can only make so many attempts to keep the flame going in a friendship but it takes 2 make a friendship work and she's just not there anymore in this friendship. I am sick of feeling as if i've done something wrong. She's openly made me feel guilty for moving away and getting married. Why on earth would you make a friend feel that way?? And i'm sick of watching her make her repeated choices and getting the same end result every...single...time. Maybe i'm a bitch now but i'm sick of reaching out and repeatedly getting denied. AugA

Saturday, August 9, 2014

9 Aug

The kid is a beast. A defiant one. Since Rob has been gone he fights naps pretty hardcore. He usually battles it for an hour. I have a time range I want him to lay down and i'm not budging on it otherwise he'd sleep to long and be up to late. So I lay him down around 1 or 2. For a kid that wakes up around 4-5am I think that's a reasonable time for a nap.

Yesterday I had laid him down. After a short struggle of going in repeatedly to lay him down he finally got quiet so I figured he was falling asleep. I crawled into bed to read. A little while later I hear him call out 'mama'. So I start to get up to tell him to lay back down again. But as i'm getting up I hear him cry hardcore so I run. He was getting up off the floor. Yes. He climbed the crib and was probably calling because he was either proud of himself or he was afraid of where he was on the side of the crib and then just fell. He must have fallen on his head because he kept pointing to his forehead. But thankfully we have carpet so the fall wasn't to bad.

After talking with the Mr about this round of crib falling we decide it's time to accept we're in the next stage and start securing his room and getting rid of his crib. Wish this happened when Rob was home but of course life doesn't work that way and always happens at the inconvenient times.

So today I put together a fish tank stand to move the tank to the spare room. I listed his changing table for sale and took it out of the room. Today i'm going to clean the tank and move it out, secure the dresser to the wall with the straps and if I have time take apart his crib and move it out of the room as well. I listed that for sale as well but because I can't fit it in my car i'm limited on who I can sell to (base only and to someone that can pick it up). I'm hoping they sell fast because I Have no space for them but I don't see cribs selling fast on base :( I may try to see if I can work it into the trunk and back seat but the things huge.

Bedtime is going to get very interesting now.