Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The feeling when you just want to run away alone for a while and re-evaluate every aspect of your life. Because you realize either somethings not right with you or it's just everyone else.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Taking a break

My brothers blanket so far. I had a burn out on crocheting so I took most of January off and read books. I'm aiming to finish this by June for his birthday. 

As far as the book reading...I finished Unbroken. I baby sat for a friend who went to see the movie. Before then I hadn't heard of it. She lent me the book as at that point most of friends said looved the book and highly suggested it. I just finished it yesterday. I enjoyed it though i often cried through it. 

Other books i'm into right now are the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. I'm about to start book 9. Normally I would get burned out with that many books in a series one after the other but i haven't. I take maybe a week or 2 break between them sometimes while other times I head right back into the next book. There are 21 books total I believe with inbetween novels. 

Fog. This is our second time with Fog since living here. Tucson is usually so dry fog is only seen in the mountains. It rained 2 straight days here, another odd site. Then this morning was fog. Kinda nice actually. 

So I'm taking breaks. I'm taking a Facebook break. On day 3 or 4 now. I sort of don't want to go back lol. I'm finding facebook is turning into an annoying 'noise' to me. I took the break because I realized I was getting very irritable and impatient and I was so drawn to it constantly between my phone and the computer. I kept surfing it and all the groups I was in and there was nothing ever worth being on that much for but yet I was on it constantly. So I gave the notice to my friends so they wouldn't freak out at my unresponsive behavior and haven't gone back on since. Its nice.

 I took a 2 day break from my phone. It was nice. The first day I just didn't go on it at all. Leaving the Mr. in a panic because he's used to me responding right away. When he got home from work he was concerned something happened to me. Whoops. So the next day I still left it in my bedroom but make occasional stops to see if anyone called or messaged me. 

The big break, however, is my birth control. It's funny when I mentioned it to some of the leading ladies in my life they all threw out the concern of what i'd use instead of the pill. Good old condoms are my goal at this point. I am aiming to take a really good break (if things go well maybe even permanent) from them. Since having Mannix my body has not been how it used to be. Understandable. Pregnancy is a pretty big thing. It takes a big toll on the body. But I jumped right back on the bc bandwagon as soon as I was done nursing. Hormones are all over when nursing still so my body never had the time to adjust and then I was throwing it into a cycle of birth control hormones. The first round, which happened to be what I was on for years before deciding to have Mannix did a complete turn around on me. I reacted completely different to it post pregnancy. So I tried another. That went over well with my moods but had other issues with it so I went on a 3rd pill. This one isn't as bad but I'm noticing by the 3rd month now i'm getting blue moods again and it's affecting other things as well that are a nuisance. 

At this point I am sick of waiting it out to see if a pill will work out. I am also sick of going in and having a new pill version prescribed to me. I refuse to try any of the implant versions or shots or patches. So after discussing with the mr we both agree it's ok to take a break for a while. I understand my body isn't going to magically go back to it's natural cycle immediately and I may experience some unpleasant side effects of going off it but really is it much different than the negative things I was experience while on the pill? 

I suppose it won't be much to much different than the length of waiting out a pill. I know my monthly friend may intensify a bit with moods and the whole shebang but the jury is out that most women in the long run are much happier that they quit the pill. Some women felt they were better off on it but to each their own. Everyone has their reasons for what they do. I was ok when I went off it to get pregnant and I was Ok off it for the 19 months of pregnancy and nursing. I feel I will be ok once my body begins adjusting itself. I say my body is better off without the artificial hormones. I guess it's just a matter of time. Here's to hoping for good results and that I feel more myself soon.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wounds and chaos aside, Here's to a late start to a good 2015! I haven't been on the bike much since November. The Mr sort of took over December by riding every single day, which when you include is work hours, leaves me no time to ride. I suppose my motivation is very wonky and I go into month or 2 spurts of riding very well to not riding at all. I guess I don't have the same motivation as he does plus i'm side tracked by many thing most of the time. I think i'm going to give up on the idea being super awesome cyclist. In reality, I love riding and I love when i just start to get myself in good shape but it never lasts. It has never lasted. I always turn into a bum at some point and just get lazy with it. 

Commuting around is pretty fun though. Now that i'm further from the stores and such I have to take Mannix in the trailer to get things done. He enjoys it most of the time. Half the time he just falls asleep. This last round I was snagging a book off a girl a few blocks away. For only 50 cents why not. Book sounded interesting. We ended at the park. 

Freezer meals are underway. Last night i made lasagna and extra one for the freezer. So far I have 2 burrito's for whoever wants them for lunch, Sloppy Joe filling and the lasagna. I might make a crock pot meal or 2 and call it good till it runs out. 

I'm thinking of just blogging in pictures this year. Not really a 365 day of photo's or anything but I find when I blog I am whining most of the time. It does me no good. Pictures speak for themselves most of the time. So perhaps the rest of the year i'll aim to just blog in pictures. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

When animals Attack

I don't think we can ever catch a break. Just when things were going smoothly things take a dump on us. 

Saturday I brought our car in for an awful noise. Turned out our breaks were done for as well as the rotars. Arm and a leg there. But overall a quick and easy fix. 

Then sunday I managed to shave mannix's head on my own! The day was going great!

Then after dinner I decided to take the kid and dog out for a walk. Halfway through the walk ..in a nutshell..a dog jumped it's fence and attacked Buster. I saw it jump up and over. I still have a hard time thinking about it because i knew either my kid or my dog was gonna be the fate of that dog. I knew running would just agitate it more. Thankfully Buster came out with minor wounds but that will take some time to heal. I got nipped in the scuffle. I had to file with  animal control. After that I had to notify housing and now the dog has to do a 10 day quarantine and housing doesn't allow dogs that show aggression so they will be asking the owners to remove it from the housing community. The dogs lucky things weren't more serious because otherwise they may have been forced to put it down.

As a pet owner i'm having some hard moments with this. We never spoke to the family. We are afraid they might be angry with us, despite it was their dog that attacked. At the moment we are choosingto not have the citation issued nor are we currently asking for reimbursement for vet bills. But i know how hard it must be for them if this is the first incident for the dog. Suddenly they have to go through quarantine and then either move to keep it or give it away. If they love their pets as much as I do I would be in hell right now. I highly doubt if they give it away that they'll inform the new people it's attacked. In that manner I am wondering if I should have the citation issued but Rob said that could possibly be a death sentence for the dog because who would want it then. I think in the right home with the right owners that are willing to take the necessary precautions to ensure it can't get lose that the dog may be a good dog. But I dont know it outside this incident and I dont know the owners. I feel like a bitch for not at least speaking to them in the process but i'm afraid of how they would react to us. Base is small so it's just a matter of time before it's figured out who is who. I plan to avoid that side of our street at least for a while and I probably won't be walking Buster much anymore. 

The event was pretty traumatic for me. It's not until today finally (it's wensday now) that i'm not panicking randomly from thoughts of it. I think the scariest part was seeing the dog suddenly pop up from the brick wall then throw it's legs over because I knew instantly it was getting over and I couldnt' do anything with a 2yr old and/or a dog that he was gonna go after. Instant feeling of panic and helplessness and knowing an attack was gonna happen. 

So their's our 'Welcome to the neighborhood'. I guess this base just can't give us a break. It's one thing after another. From the preemie birth, my dads passing, the gas leak crap and other housing issues and so forth today the recent animal attack. I have very bad feelings of this place. So I have some undecided feelings when Rob tells me this is where he wants to live after he gets out. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Freezer meals

Things have calmed down here a bit. Sickness is gone, husbands back at work so Mannix and I are pretty much on our usual schedule. I have yet to start a cleaning routine but when I do get the umph to kick start it i'm going to be using this one. http://happymoneysaver.com/my-ultimate-happy-home-cleaning-routine-plus-free-printable-checklist/

I'm a little lazy at the moment recouping after the move and sickness  and still getting the house decorated and situated. I haven't folded laundry since we moved in. So there are mounds of laundry that need to be folded and that's my first task :/

Food wise we have a little bit bigger freezer. Which means I have a little extra  space to put freezer meals in. I don't plan to go all crazy with them but once and a while double a recipe and freeze the 2nd portion. I'd like to have at least 4 or 5 meals in the freezer for the days when I really don't have time or don't want to cook so we can avoid buying pre-made frozen family meals or take out to help us save a little extra cash (and unwanted ingredients).

I plan on making 2 this week to jump start it. Sloppy Joes and Lasagna. I am part of a FB group my friend added me to that I am using to help guide me in the process but there are also plenty of things online  about doing it. I like this site for it's ease (just realized it's the same person as my chosen cleaning schedule lol). http://happymoneysaver.com/freezer-meal-tips-beginners/

Now that we are further across base I can't walk to some of my errands anymore. Our previous house was a superb location for walking to these places with Mannix. I could hit up the gas station, the BX, the grocery store and the bank. Now we are on the other end of the base. Not walking friendly anymore. So I pulled out the bike trailer again. Yesterday I used it to snag a tricycle from a garage sale for $3. Needs a new screw and nut before he can use it (he almost toppled over initially till i realized the problem). But for $3 who can beat a loved tricycle to at least allow him to learn to pedal.

Anywho, today I need to hit up the bank and maybe browse the BX for any clearance deals for clothes and such. All based  on Mannix's mood once we are ready to leave lol. I'm debating giving the banks drive through a shot in the bike trailer. I don't' see why they would deny me but who knows. It's easier to go through there than to park it, lock it and get kiddo out and then vice versa. Bikes are considered vehicles so I don't see why it would be bad to go through the drive through lol guess i'll find out today.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year to start

I'll get pictures of the new place up once the house is a bit more situated. Unpacking has sort of come to a stop until I get the old place cleaned for move out inspection. So far we enjoying in the new place. It's more open, feels more modern and it's brighter. Mannix doesn't seem to be phased by the moved. Rob worked hard to get the living room, our room and mannix's room set up to a point so it felt a little more normal in here. So by the time I got Mannix home from the sitters on moving day the new house was a bit set up for him already.

The backyard is nice and spacious. Plenty of space for an outdoor play set for kiddo and a garden for me. We have a rabbit problem and I need to get the turds cleaned up before I really let him play back there. I also need to get chicken wire to put around the entire fencing. Everyone else i see has it so that must do the trick in keeping them out.

It's gotten so cold here. It actually snowed new years eve. Was a nice surprise waking up at just before midnight to see it.

The old place is a dirt pit. I'm cleaning it myself for inspection because I didn't want to dish out $200 for a cleaner. This current place I probably will though. But the old place....yea I spent all of yesterday cleaning just the kitchen. Partly my fault because I hadn't kept up with cleaning the fridge/freezer. So that took a chunk of time then I pulled it out and vacuumed and mop. The stove, thank god, was newer so it wasn't much to clean. The doors of the cabinets I feel I just can't get clean enough. I scrubbed so hard on some of them that the stain started coming off. But since everything is original to place and it was built in the 50's with lord knows how many previous tenants, I suppose it's just gonna look that way no matter how hard I try. Today i'm focusing on the bathrooms which I hope will be easier. Perhaps i'm being to picky for my own good and over doing it but i'd rather be safe than sorry. I'm not a grimey person but this house makes me feel that's how i've been the last 3 years. It's just a nasty house and thats all I can say about that old thing. 

What I have learned though is that I may be giving up my natural cleaners. Perhaps the vinegar water and baking soda etc is ok for quick up keeping and a few random forms of deep cleaning but for general cleaning store bought cleaners have lured me back in. 409 and a putty knife have been my best friend in the kitchen. Seriously...you want your stove top or fridge to look awesome? 409, dude. It cuts grease better than dawn! Between those 2 things and soapy water I got the kitchen looking as fabulous as that things gonna look. I'm using spray with bleach for the bathrooms. I'll just have to make sure when cleaning at the new place to keep kiddo occupied so he isn't hanging around me at the time. 

Kiddo got sick. He closed out New Years Day by getting a cold. It started out horrible and in the night he gagged so much on his snot (not helped by additional crying snot) that he ended up throwing up. I was in complete shambles that night. I couldn't find anything I needed for kiddo. Most of our essentials are still in boxes. I was so frustrated and angry but by the next day (after slipping him Motrin in the middle of the night he slept much better). The next day I went off to clean the old place and I think that helped me de-stress, aside from being exhausted and annoyed with cleaning at the end of it lol. I did come home and Rob decided to make dinner so that was even more awesome. Kiddo slept pretty well last night so we all were finally able to catch up on sleep. 

Thats about it for now. I need to get dressed and ready to head over for more yucky cleaning. I'm not a dirty person but that place surely makes me feel like I have been. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

The cleaning decision

We have opted to clean our house ourselves for the move inspection. SH claims it isn't a white finger inspection and they mainly are concerned about the appliances and toilets/bathroom. Understandable. These are things that harvest the most grossness.

I am in sort of a limbo though as to cleaning solutions. For the past year i've been using my own homemade solutions with vinegar and baking soda and the occasional essential oil. Dawn for basic wipe downs. But we feel we should be using chemical laden products for the move to ensure things are clean. As Rob puts it my solutions are fine for the daily up keeping but for a move out inspection it's best to pull out the big guns to ensure we get it clean to their standards. As long as the pets and little dude aren't lingering around during the cleaning I don't care.

But I need to know what to buy. The most chemical laden thing in my home is probably the toilet bowl cleaner. For some reason the baking soda/vinegar mix just doesn't cut it with our toilet bowls and hard water. I often find it is only sub-par in the showers too but with regular use keeps the grime down, it just doesn't seem to necessarily remove completely. Darn hard water build up. So far I have pine sol on my list for the floors, 409 for walls/doors/general wipe downs, tilex or the like for the showers, I have some oven cleaner but for the most part my oven is in good shape there are just a few spots of grease I can't seem to get rid of. Windex for the windows. I can't really thing of anything else at the moment. My brain keeps going back to baking soda and vinegar. I have soft scrub for dingy counter tops and was probably going to use that as a final touch to the toilet area. I will also need to clean the carpets. They said don't bother with carpet cleaning but seriously...pets and a toddler and a guy that works in a dirty place..these carpets need another shampooing and I don't want to pay for them if they decide it looks to crappy.

Well today i'm buying our remaining packing boxes, cleaning crap and getting money out for a moving truck. Today i'm gonna pack up all but important pieces of the kitchen and trying to finish a good cleaning of the stove, fridge, and dish washer. Tomorrow I may give the ceiling fan a good wipe down and clean out our like fixtures of bugs and dust. I will probably be giving all this one finally wipe down but why not minimize the work now when I can lol.

Dont ya just love when my brains in crazed mode?